Ramadan Relief Package 2024 launched at Utility Stores

Ramzan Relief Package 2024

Ramadan Relief Package 2024 launched at Utility Stores

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has launched the Ramadan Relief Package 2024 worth Rs.7.5bn. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif devised this package.

During the holy month, the relief package provides subsidized prices on 19 important food items. According to a USC spokesperson, the subsidized products are flour, ghee, edible oil, sugar, pulse gram, white gram, besan, spices, tea, dates, rice, milk, and beverages.

The spokesperson also said USC will ensure that all commodities are available in sufficient quantities throughout Ramadan to meet public demand.

However, he explained that persons registered with the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) under the PMT-60 category rather than PMT-40 are eligible for the targeted subsidy. It includes about 200 million low-income families.

According to a USC spokesperson, BISP clients will receive discounted prices of:

  • Rs.648 for a 10 kg grain bag
  • Rs.365 per kg for ghee
  • Rs.109 per kg for sugar
  • Rs.25 per liter subsidy on edible oil
  • Rs.25 per kg for pulse and white grams
  • Rs.50 per kg for besan and dates
  • Rs.25 per kg for specific varieties of rice
  • Rs.100 for 800g tea
  • Rs.30 per liter for packaged milk

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Moreover, spices and beverages will be available at lower prices. BISP families will receive precise quantities of certain commodities such as:

  • 20 kg flour
  • 5kg sugar and ghee
  • 3kg rice
  • Lentils and cooking oil

Apart from these commodities, other items will be available for purchase without restriction.

USC spokesperson also stated that undeserving people not yet registered with BISP can apply for the package by contacting their regional office or approved Utility Stores.

Beyond BISP, Ramadan Relief Package 2024 also gives special discounts to all customers on over 1,000 items. Hence, the list of these items is available in stores.

Meanwhile, a monitoring cell at USC’s headquarters will address public concerns. In addition, vigilance teams throughout Pakistan will maintain transparency.

Disclaimer: USC spokesperson has also suggested the public register complaints and contact the helpdesk (0800-05590) in case of any query or issue.

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