PTI created chatbot to help voters find their candidates

PTI created chatbot

PTI created chatbot to help voters find their candidates

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has created a chatbot on Facebook Messenger to help its supporters find candidates for general elections.

The official account of PTI on X stated that voters may learn about the symbols assigned to PTI-affiliated candidates by sending a direct message to Imran Khan’s official Facebook page.

PTI has introduced another innovative way to find the PTI-nominated candidate for every constituency with the allotted electoral symbol. Simply write a message to the official Facebook page of Imran Khan, including your constituency number. You will receive the information within a few minutes.

The party used an Automated replies tool to allow voters to learn about the electoral symbols of candidates running in their constituencies.

The response takes only a few seconds. It consists of two messages: the first message contains information and the electoral symbol. The second message consisted of a link to a public WhatsApp channel dedicated to constituency-related information.

It also features a brief footage of Imran Khan’s speech from prison to his followers and voters. Since the PTI lost its bat symbol, the party has created unique tactics including a chatbot to aware the public about the symbols assigned to its candidates running as independents.

The official website of PTI, is, however, inaccessible. Bytes for All confirmed that a local investigation by OpenObservatory shows that the official website of PTI is currently unavailable in the country. However, it is accessible through VPNs.

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The party has also launched for the third time to help people identify the symbols assigned to PTI-affiliated candidates. There is a link to the constituency’s WhatsApp channel at the bottom of the page.

However, worker-led efforts online are also helping to promote the PTI. For example, an anonymous user and party worker has created an offline Android-compatible application called “Insaf Ka Nishan.” It provides information about candidates for PTI.

The updated version of this app was released on Jan 23, 2024. People across the country have downloaded this app 1,589 times since then.

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