People boycotting Cafe Aylanto over Umar Dar abduction

Boycott Aylanto trending on Twitter

People boycotting Cafe Aylanto over Umar Dar abduction

The people boycotting Cafe Aylanto and running the hashtag Boycott Aylanto on Twitter X following the alleged abduction of Umar Dar. Cafe Aylanto is a well-known Lahore business that became controversial after the alleged abduction of Umar Dar from here.

Umar Dar is the President of PTI Central Punjab whom Punjab Police allegedly abducted on Dec 30, 2023. Meanwhile, his daughter, Laiba Dar, claims in a video circulating on platform X that her father was “kidnapped” from the cafe with the help of its management. Previously, Punjab police also reportedly kidnapped his brother Usman Dar from Cafe Aylanto.

In the video, Laiba claims that Café Aylanto helped the police in the abduction of her father. In response to this incident, she strongly urges the people to boycott Cafe Aylanto.

Moreover, she claimed that Cafe Aylanto had CCTV footage while police abducted Umar. However, it did not provide them with the footage to present it as evidence in the abduction case in court. Afterward, the campaign to boycott the alleged cafe gained widespread attention and people are boycotting Cafe Aylanto.

One netizen wrote every patriotic Pakistani must boycott Cafe Alyanto for its involvement in Umar’s abduction. Let us unite for a better and just society.

Another netizen shared a location of Cafe Aylanto and urged people to boycott it with the hashtag Boycott Aylanto. The Cafe Aylanto has different branches across Lahore. Umar Dar disappeared from Cafe Aylanto DHA Phase 3.

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According to the police, Umar Dar is wanted in connection with five crimes. His charges involved incitement and anti-state sloganeering, with nine cases against him ongoing since the May 9 riots.

However, there are doubts regarding the abduction of Umar Dar. His presence is unknown. He has not presented in any court yet. His mother and family have expressed concerns and alleged Punjab police of illegal abduction of Umar.

On the other hand, Umar Dar’s mother, Rehana Dar, claims in a video message that the purpose of his son’s kidnapping is to prevent her from running in the 2024 general election.

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