Nasir Baloch’s enforced disappearance becomes controversial

Nasir Baloch

Nasir Baloch’s enforced disappearance becomes controversial

A famous Balochistan activist Mahrang Baloch’s brother, Nasir Baloch, has become controversial regarding his enforced disappearance. Mahrang has been leading a massive movement against enforced disappearances of Baloch people for years.

The controversy started when renowned journalist Gharidah Farooqi backlashed Mahrang Baloch for faking the disappearance of her brother Nasir Baloch.

Gharidah shared a video of Nasir Baloch via Tweet with a caption she had exposed Mahring Baloch’s big lie. She wrote the person seen in the video and photo is Mahrang Baloch’s brother, Nasir Baloch. He lives in Quetta, Balochistan.

Gharidah explained that this video is from the nearby Quetta Board Office in the morning. Mahrang Baloch is spreading propaganda and lies about her brother being a missing person. According to Garidah’s information, Nasir is doing a government job there and receives a salary from the government.

However, the Balochistan Post has confronted the claim of Gharidah Farooqi. It stated that Nasir Ahmed was abducted on December 15, 2017. He was an FSc student at the time. Mahrang’s continuous campaign led to her brother’s release more than three months later.

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Moreover, the Balochistan Post defended Mahrang claiming she became an activist after this incident. She has been campaigning for many issues ever since. She never said her brother was still missing after his release in 2018. So, the tweet from the Pakistani journalist is entirely false and may be considered a threatening attempt the way Nasir has been videotaped.

On the other hand, Gharidah stated that this is the real story of people who lie and mislead the nation in the name of the missing person issue. Brother Nasir Baloch is present in Quetta. However, Mahrang Baloch is sitting in Islamabad wearing the false cloak of a Missing Person in his name.

Several people are backlashing Baloch activist Mahrang Baloch after the claims of Gharidah alleging her spreading false propaganda. They have been running the hashtag Mahrang Drama Flop for days on Twitter X.

Nasir Baloch forcibly disappeared in 2017 and after three months he was released due to the strong campaign of Mahrang Baloch.

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