Lums Students grilled PM Kakar with tough questions

Lums Students grilled PM Kakar with tough questions

Lums Students grilled PM Kakar with tough questions

The students of LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) grilled Caretaker PM Anwar ul Haq Kakar with their tough questions.

Interim Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar faced an embarrassing bombard of hard-hitting questions from students on Monday as he struggled to deal with the unexpected situation.

The session which was meant to be a forum for open dialogue quickly changed into a difficult discussion. The situation became difficult for Kakar when some students bombarded him with pointed questions.

Mr. PM, Why are you 50 minutes late? 

Before asking the question, one of the students criticized PM Kakar for coming 50 minutes late to the university with a sarcastic tone. He said:

I’m ashamed that my prime minister, even if he is a caretaker, does not seem to prioritize education, or so it appears.

Lums Students grilled PM Kakar with tough questions

How Will You Deal with Undemocratic Powers?

One student questioned what measures you as a caretaker government be taking to avoid all the unconstitutional or any external undemocratic factors intervening in the electoral process. He added which we have been observing throughout the history of Pakistan. From that, I would use the example of the recent elections which were which just happened in Karachi where PTI and Jamaat Islami collectively won a majority but I don’t know what happened.

He said tauntingly I think the PP chair mayor won. I see this happening on the largest scale as well. You as a caretaker government I think can have an impact on regulating the election commissioner and left it for PM Kakar to respond.

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Why Election Not Held In 90 Days after Punjab Assembly Dissolution?

Another student said I’m here for your vision for Pakistan which this session was supposed to be about right. So does it involve following the Constitution because after the Punjab and KP governments got dissolved you’re supposed to hold elections in 90 days. Why haven’t we held elections?

A student used the term “selected” to refer to Prime Minister Kakar’s appointment during the session. In response, the Prime Minister clarified that he had not been nominated as a “selectee”.

During a turbulent session, a student questioned the Prime Minister’s visit to LUMS. She asked, “Why did you feel the need to come amid a declining economy?”

The students did not shy away from questioning pressing issues that could hardly any journalist do. They gave PM Kakar a hard time asking challenging questions.

What would be your question to your Prime Minister?

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