LHC ordered authorities to impose a smog emergency in Lahore

LHC ordered authorities to impose a smog emergency in Lahore

LHC ordered authorities to impose a smog emergency in Lahore

The judge of the Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered authorities to impose a smog emergency in Lahore. LHC blamed the interim government for the current situation in Lahore due to smog.

LHC today issued this order after hearing the plea seeking the intervention of the court in the matter of smog pollution. The court ordered the Lahore administration to impose a citywide emergency immediately to lessen the effects of smog.

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Justice Shahid Karim conducted the hearing and expressed displeasure about the performance of the interim Punjab Government. Justice Shahid said that the chief minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi government is responsible for the recent situation of smog in Lahore.

Lahore Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa and other government officers appeared before the court during today’s hearing. The court ordered government officials including the commissioner not to de-seal factories responsible for black smoke.

LHC ordered them to visit schools and colleges to inform students about the decision regarding factories that emit black smoke. Justice Karim passed the order saying smog was not his personal problem but related to the kids as well. The judge then postponed the court hearing till November 3, 2023.

The Punjab Interim Government has now declared a smog emergency following the decision of the Lahore High Court. They have made it mandatory for students to wear masks to keep suppress the severity of smog.

LHC ordered authorities to impose a smog emergency in Lahore

The smog started to affect the city at the end of November and December in the previous year 2022. But now it has started in October.

The main cause of reduced visibility (haze) before midday in Lahore is due to an increase in fine particles in the air by smoky vehicles which ultimately contributes to smog. According to health experts, the size of these particles is directly related to their potential to cause health problems.

General physician Dr. Tariq Chishti said small particles less than 10 micrometers in size cause the most problems because they can penetrate deep into the lungs and even enter the bloodstream. He added exposure to such particles can have a serious impact on both the lungs and the heart.

So, The Lahore High Court has passed the order to the authorities to immediately impose a smog emergency regarding the health concerns of Lahore citizens. The interim Punjab Chief Minister has declared a smog emergency following the court’s order.

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