Imran Riaz Khan Recovered After 5 Months

Imran Riaz Khan Recovered After 5 Months

Imran Riaz Khan Recovered After 5 Months

Imran Riaz Khan Recovered After 5 Months from Sialkot. Imran Riaz is known for hosting news on TV channels and his own YouTube channel. He has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube with a great fan base among PTI supporters. The Anchorperson has been missing for the last 5 months and now he has returned back to home

After the protests on May 9, the leader of PTI Imran Khan was arrested. Late on, Imran Riaz Khan was taken into custody on May 11 under a legal act called 3MPO at the Sialkot Airport. He was released the next day on 12 May then on May 15 the Lahore High Court was informed that he got released from jail on written promise.

Lahore High Court gave a strict order to Sialkot Police to find Imran Riaz Khan by 26 September. Later on, Sialkot Police confirmed the return of Imran Riaz Khan via a tweet on social media.

Mian Ali Ashfaq the lawyer of Imran Riaz also shared his prayers and showed his gratitude. He said, “It took a lot of time due to a weak judiciary, the ineffective constitution, and legal helplessness.”

The hashtag #ImranRiazKhan is trending on Twitter. The people of Pakistan are showing support and love for his safe return. A picture was also released on social media after the return of Imran with his lawyer Mia Ali Ashfaq.

For now, Imran Riaz Khan has recovered after 5 Months and is back with his family. There is a possibility that he might share his struggles of the last 5 months with all in the near future.

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