Governor Kamran Tessori leaked audio raised mandate concerns

Governor Kamran Tessori leaked audio

Governor Kamran Tessori leaked audio raised mandate concerns

Another leaked audio of MQM leader and Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori has gone viral and raised mandate concerns. The circulated clip highlighted the difficulties encountered by MQM in its talk with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) over forming a government.

MQM made a Rabita Committee to negotiate with other political parties to form a government. A day before an audio tape of MQM member Mustafa Kamal went viral on social media.

In the leaked audio, Mustafa revealed to the Rabita Committee of the party that PML-N is seemingly unwilling to conduct negotiations with them. He also accused the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) of seeking to corner their party. Meanwhile, Mustafa has confirmed the leaked audio is authentic.

However, the most recent leaked audio clip of Governor Kamran Tessori claiming their party is bearing the expense of joining the Shehbaz Sharif-led coalition. Kamran is also a MQP’s committee member, negotiating with other political parties.

In the leaked audio, Kamran appeared to say they were Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government member while the PML-N and PPP were in opposition. However, they supported the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement), which angered their voters.

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Kamran said MQM won seven seats despite all of the obstacles in the 2018 elections which was their vote bank. But they did not receive the vote today in the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, this statement of Kamran has raised concerns among Pakistanis regarding the general mandate. There are already allegations that authorities manipulated election results from several political parties.

According to official results from the Election Commission of Pakistan, MQM has won 12 seats in the National Assembly. However, the leaked audio of Kamran has raised questions about the transparency of election results. On the other hand, Kamran Tessori claims that the leaked audio belonged to him. But the audio has been taken out of context.

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