Daniyal Aziz angry over leaked letter that damaged his reputation

Daniyal Aziz angry over leaked letter

Daniyal Aziz angry over leaked letter that damaged his reputation

PMLN leader Daniyal Aziz is angry over his month-old leaked letter in response to the party’s show-cause notice. According to Daniyal, the letter was leaked to the media to damage his reputation. Because the party leadership was going to make the final release of party tickets.

Daniyal stated that he intended to identify the realities of inflation and its beneficiaries, not to undermine the PML-N or Ahsan Iqbal. It comes after he submitted a three-page letter to the show-case notice of Punjab President Rana Sanaullah Khan. This letter leaked to the media over which Daniyal Aziz expressed frustration and got angry.

Sanaullah asked Daniyal to defend his November 30 comments against PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal via show cause notice on Dec 2, 2023. Show cause notice alleged Daniyal of violating the party discipline.

However, Daniyal challenged the basis of the show-cause notice in his leaked letter. He claimed that he had not broken party doctrine. Because the party’s public policy showed that the party would sacrifice its politics to save the economy.

Daniyal denied breaking party discipline and said the show cause notice did not specify a disciplinary point. Another point in the show cause notice was that what Daniyal said was not factual. While he wrote his statement is factual.

He said Ahsan Iqbal’s goal of 21% inflation for 2023 and 2024 means that inflation is likely to be higher than 30% this year. However, the annual inflation is at 29.2 percent as of November.

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Furthermore, Daniyal alleged that Ahsan violated party discipline and policy by accusing him of wanting an MPA ticket for “lotas” long before he made any comment. The party did not show concern about it.

Daniyal went on to say that he intends to identify the facts about inflation and its beneficiaries in the coming week. So that voters can make an informed decision.

He added Ahsan Iqbal and the PML-N should not get my recent statement negatively. Any harm caused to my party or Ahsan Iqbal as a result of this is deeply regrettable.

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