Basant celebration in Rawalpindi killed and injured 50 people

Basant celebration in Rawalpindi

Basant celebration in Rawalpindi killed and injured 50 people

Basant celebrations turned bloody in Rawalpindi, resulting in the death of one man and injuries to 50 people, including children. This tragic incident occurred when the police failed to eliminate kite flying during the Basant festivities yesterday.

Dozens of people were injured in events involving fire, metal twine, and falling from rooftops. According to authorities, they sent the injured people to Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) for medical treatment. District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital administration also received kite-flying victims.

Basant celebration in Rawalpindi

According to Rawalpindi police spokesperson, they arrested over 260 people and seized 15,000 kites and twines during raids. Moreover, they also seized 11 firearms and music systems. They have also filed FIRs against the violators at various police stations.

The local people claimed while talking to The Nation that Rawalpindi police, under the direction of Division Faisal Salim and the direction of the City Police Officer (CPO), have failed to reduce kite flying incidences in the city despite announcing it as a priority.

Police made all arrangements to prevent people from kite flying using drones, binoculars, and other tactics made no difference as citizens celebrated Basant with full enthusiasm in Rawal and Potohar Divisions.

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During this violent Basant celebration, insane and excited kite flyers used weapons using intense aerial firing in Rawalpindi. It left nine people critically injured. Meanwhile, a 65-year-old man named Mumtaz Ali died as a result of injuries while kite flying in Sadiqabad.

Another 70-year-old man named Siddique got hurt in Ratta Amral after the straight bullet fires by kite flyers. Similarly, another young boy suffered injuries owing to bullets fired by overwhelmed citizens while celebrating Basant in Hazara Colony.

The young children, including 13-year-old Fatima and 10-year-old Mujahid, also fell victim to bullets from crazy kite flyers in Rawal Division. After the firing incident, authorities took them to BBH for treatment.

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