Alipur tailor massacred wife and seven children on Eid day

Alipur tailor massacred wife

Alipur tailor massacred wife and seven children on Eid day

A heartbreaking incident took place in the Madwala area of Alipur where a tailor named Sajjad Khokhar massacred his wife and seven children. Sajjad Khokhar tailor massacred his wife and seven innocent children using a sharp hammer in Alipur.

The dead children had ages from six months to seven years. This senseless act of brutality seemed to be motivated by the burden of poverty and financial hardships.

After this tragic incident, a large convoy of police personnel also arrived at the crime scene. DPO Alipur, SHO President Ismat Abbas, and committed police teams were among them.

Hence, Alipur police arrested the accused Sajjad Khokhar. Syed Hasnain Haider, DPO for Alipur, promised to see through the inquiry and legal proceedings against the culprit.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif also took notice of this horrible incident. She also requested a report from the Punjab Inspector General (IG).

CM Maryam Nawaz expressed sorrow for the deaths of defenseless kings and the killing of woman in the tragedy that shocked a tiny village in Punjab, Alipur.

The horrible murder of eight people in the Alipur neighborhood of Madwala took place due to suspected domestic abuse. Suspect Sajjad Khokhar reportedly killed his wife and seven helpless with a sharp hammer.

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According to Sadar Alipur police, the accused Sajjad slaughtered his wife and children after getting into a fight with his wife over an unknown issue.

In a separate incident, a man attacked his wife and daughters with a knife in the Walton area of Lahore on February 26, 2024. The poor wife could not sustain serious injuries and died while two daughters survived critical injuries.

However, after attacking his wife and daughters, the accused man also harmed himself with a knife. The motive behind this incident was not clear although it proved to be a case of domestic violence.

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