5000PKR Note Banned notification in Pakistan

5000PKR Note Banned notification in Pakistan.

5000PKR Note Banned notification in Pakistan

Is 5000PKR Note Banned notification in Pakistan? There is a notification going viral on the internet about the 5000 rupee currency note ban in Pakistan. The notification states banning the 5000PKR note to strengthen the financial system and to stop illegal activities and money laundering.

The notification states that the 5000PKR note will be banned in Pakistan starting from 30 September 2023. This notification became so viral that the government of Pakistan came into action clarified the whole situation and confirmed this notification as a FAKE NOTIFICATION.

See the fake notification picture below:

The fake notification stated that the government would educate the citizens about the upcoming policy of exchanging or depositing 5,000 rupee notes. However, the fact checker department operating under MoIB confirmed this fake notification. MoIB is basically the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting of Pakistan took this matter and clarified on Twitter and confirmed the notification’s fake. He tweeted and confirmed that there is not any ban on 5000PKR notes and the notification is fake.

Murtaza Solangi’s tweet on 5000PKR fake notification.

Furthermore, Murtaza Solangi added that the Government of Pakistan should take legal action against the culprit who creates chaos in the country with such fake news.

So, in case your query regarding 5000PKR note banned notification in Pakistan. The above-quoted official government sources have confirmed it as a fake notification.

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