Taapsee Pannu to marry Mathias Boe in private wedding ceremony

Taapsee Pannu to marry Mathias Boe

Taapsee Pannu to marry Mathias Boe in private wedding ceremony

Indian actress Taapsee Pannu is about to marry her longtime boyfriend and badminton player Mathias Boe. Taapsee has been dating Mathias for about ten years.

According to Indian media sources, the wedding will held at the end of March in Udaipur. The wedding ceremony would be strictly a family event. Hence, no Bollywood celebrities will be invited.

The wedding is intended to be a combination of Sikh and Christian traditions. This is because Taapsee belongs to the Sikh religion while Mathias is a Christian.

According to media sources, Taapsee Pannu is about to marry Mathias Boe in a magnificent celebration that promises to mix the rich traditions of Sikhism and Christianity to express a show of love and culture.

Taapsee has been dating Danish badminton coach Mathias Boe for over a decade. She has frequently discussed their relationship in interviews and on social media.

However, Taapsee Pannu presented her vision for a great wedding in January 2023. She revealed her wedding ceremony will be full of dancing and wonderful food served on time.

She told Brides Today magazine she wanted a “one-day wedding ceremony in tasteful nude and modest colors. It must be basic and drama-free because there is enough turmoil in her job life. Hence, she does not want it to spill over into her personal life.

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The actress also stated she does not want late-night traditions at her wedding. She would choose a simple hairstyle. It will not look like she needed a town to get ready. Her heart sinks when she sees the brides with excessive layers of makeup on.

Furthermore, she emphasized how women like looking at themselves when they are a different person in those photos. These memories are not just for that moment, they last forever. You do not want to look at those photographs and not recognize yourself.

Taapsee Pannu is 36 years old actress who works in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films. She has also received several awards including two Filmfare Awards and a Filmfare OTT Award. Recently, she worked in the blockbuster Bollywood movie “Dunkie” with Iconic star Shahrukh Khan.

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