Sai Dharam filed FIR against YouTuber Praneeth for inappropriate joke

Sai Dharam filed FIR against YouTuber

Sai Dharam filed FIR against YouTuber Praneeth for inappropriate joke

Indian actor Sai Dharam Tej, also known as Sai Durgha Tej, filed an FIR against YouTuber Praneeth Hanumantu for making an inappropriate joke. It came after Praneeth made a controversial joke regarding an improper relationship between a father and daughter.

He joked about child sexual abuse and pedophilia while doing a live session with other YouTubers. He inappropriately referred to an Instagram reel between a father and a daughter. Pedophilia refers to sexual feelings directed towards children.

Following this, Sai Dharam slammed Praneeth on Twitter X. He called his remarks disgusting, scary, and awful. He also endorsed FIR registration against Praneeth with this controversial video.

Apart from Sai, several prominent Tollywood actors, including Manchu Manoj, severely criticized Praneeth. He emphasized relevant officials to take action against Praneeth.

Manchu urged that it is condemnable and unacceptable to see people like Praneeth using social media to encourage abuse and hate under the name of humor. He also called his behavior “disgusting” and “dangerous.”

Manchu also revealed that he approached Praneeth over a year ago through Instagram to boost a campaign for women facing cruelty in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Because he considered Praneeth was gaining public attention and could create a positive impact in society. Unfortunately, he got no response from him. Now, he is making malicious comments about children, which is sad.

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However, Sai Dharam has filed an FIR against YouTuber Praneeth at Telangana Cyber Bureau. Telangana DGP Ravi Gupta said they have filed an FIR to address the inappropriate comments on a child. They will follow strict actions in this regard.

He also stated they commit to protecting all citizens, especially children. So, Telangana Cyber Bureau is actively identifying those misusing social media in the name of humor.

Meanwhile, Praneeth rapidly responded to ongoing criticism against him. He claimed his intention was not to encourage light on sexual assault of children or pedophilia.

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