Russian Rapper Vacio jailed over naked dressing in private party

Russian Rapper Vacio jailed

Russian Rapper Vacio jailed over naked dressing in private party

Russian Rapper Vacio has been arrested and jailed for 15 days over naked dressing at a private party at a nightclub. Rapper Vacio has the original name Nikolai Vasiliev but is famous as Vacio.

A strange thing happened at a Mutabor Moscow nightclub when Russian actress Nastya Ivleeva threw an “Almost Naked Party.” It caused quite an upset environment and received backlash from the public. Russian rapper Vacio attended this party with just training shoes and one sock on his genitals.

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The private party turned public when videos and photos surfaced on social media. Vacio’s sock became the talk of Russia. Pro-Russian bloggers and activists were furious and questioned how celebrities could party while Russian soldiers were in the special military operation in Ukraine.

Russian authorities have arrested and jailed Rapper Vacio for disorderly conduct. They also fined Vacio 200,000 rubles for promoting non-traditional sexual relations.

Actress Nastya also faces legal action as more than 20 people have signed a lawsuit against her. They demand her to pay billion roubles (£8.5m) to the Defender of the Fatherland Foundation. It is an organization that donates money to participants in “special operations” of Russia.

There has been talk of canceling musical concerts and terminating advertising contracts since the naked party incident. There are also reports that some big celebrities are being edited of pre-recorded New Year’s Eve entertainment presentations on Russian television.

Famous partygoers and celebrities have been rushing to social media one by another to apologize for their presence at the party. However, some insist that they did nothing wrong. Megastar Phillip Kirkorov wore a full dress at the party.

However, Phillip said he admitted that he made a mistake. The last thing he wants is for such an event as his mistake. It resulted in restrictions on his career in Russia. It is the only country where he exists as an artist and a citizen.

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