Russel Brand accused of sexual assault

Russel Brand accused of sexual assault

Russel Brand accused of sexual assault

Russel Brand was accused of sexual assault by four women. Russel Brand is an English comedian and actor who was accused of rape and sexual assault between 2006 and 2013.

These allegations came between the time when Russel Brand was at the peak of his fame and popularity. He was accused of forceful, abusive, and predatory behavior, the Sunday Times reported.

According to reports, one of Brand’s accusers claims that she was underage when Russel tried to sexually assault her. Another woman comes in and claims that Russel Bran rape her at his home in Los Angeles, United States.

These all claims or allegations about Russel are from his past time when he was very famous and in the news everyone was chanting about him. Russel came forward to deny all of these allegations and uploaded a YouTube video on 16 September 2023

Russel Brand replying to the accusation on his Youtube

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In the video, he refused all these allegations saying “These allegations pertain to the time when I was working in the newspapers all the time when I was in the movies as I’ve written about extensively in my books I was very very promiscuous about the relationships I had were absolutely always consensual about that then almost too transparent and I’m being transparent about it now as well transparency and to see that transparency metastasized into something criminal guy absolutely deny makes me question is there another agenda at replay?”

Work-Life of Russel Brand

Russel Brand worked with BBC and Channel 4 after his great performance at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000. He hosted Big Brother’s Big Mouth on Channel 4 for three years before he went to BBC Radio 6 Music and Radio 2.

In the past, Russel Brand became very famous on YouTube. He has over 6.5 million followers on YouTube. He has a massive following on social media as well and has become a popular personality in the UK.

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