Nitish Bharadwaj and Smita Gate face custody battle for daughters

Nitish Bharadwaj and Smita Gate

Nitish Bharadwaj and Smita Gate face custody battle for daughters

Famous Mahabharat actor Nitish Bharadwaj and his estranged wife Smita Gate face a legal battle for having custody of their daughters. It came when Nitish wrote a letter to Bhopal Police Commissioner Hari Narayanchari Mishra to complain about Smita.

Smita is a privileged IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer from the Madhya Pradesh cadre. The conflict between Smita Gate and Nitish Bharadwaj is due to a pending family court lawsuit regarding their divorce in Mumbai Court in 2018. Their divorce has not been finalized yet.

Following the delay in their divorce proceeding, the actor Nitish alleged Smita. According to Nitish, Smita does not allow him to meet his daughters. Despite this fact, the Family Court allowed Nitish to access his daughters. He claimed that he had not spoken to his daughters in four years.

Nitish and Smita tied the knot in 2009 and filed for divorce after nine years of marriage in 2018. However, the reason for divorce between them is unclear.

Nitish claimed he had twin girls born in 2012 and are now roughly 11 years old. Samita refuses to let him see girls. Furthermore, He alleged that his estranged wife withdrew the girls from the boarding school without his consent and sent them to an unknown location to keep them away from him.

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Following that, Shalini Dixit, Additional CP Zone 3, has now assumed charge of investigating the high-profile case from the Bhopal Police Commissioner.

Smita Gate Bhardwaj is an Additional Secretary in the Welfare Department. However, Nitish Bharadwaj rose to prominence for his performance as Shri Krishna in the famous Indian television series Mahabharata.

Nitish is also an Indian politician. He won the Lok Sabha (Indian parliament) elections from the Jamshedpur constituency back in 1996. He also ran for the Rajgarh Lok Sabha seat in Madhya Pradesh in 1999 but lost it.

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