Famous Kenyan comedian Fred Omondi died, netizens mourn

Famous Kenyan comedian Fred Omondi died

Famous Kenyan comedian Fred Omondi died, netizens mourn

Famous Kenyan comedian and brother of renowned actor Eric Omondi, Fred Omondi, died in a tragic bus-bike accident. The sudden passing of Fred has left the entertainment world in mourning.

The fatal accident of Fred happened on Bypass Road, Nairobi in the morning. Close sources to Fred’s family have confirmed his death. Fred was riding a motorcycle when it hit a bus head-on on Kangundo Road, close to the Caltex petrol station.

Dead comedian Fred Omondi

As a result of the collision, Fred suffered fractures to both hands and severe injuries to both right legs. He was rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital for emergency care. However, he died due to fatal injuries.

Buruburu Police Station has taken notice of this incident. According to Buruburu police, the dead body of Fred is currently at the hospital mortuary for his postmortem examination.

However, colleagues of famous Kenyan comedian Fred Omondi shared the devastating news that he has died in a tragic accident. They are also offering condolences to his family and honoring Fred.

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative is one of them. He shared an emotional and sentimental message on social media. Terence said he had gotten the saddest call ever at 6 a.m.

He addressed Fred saying he is grateful to God for their time together. Fred greatly impacted his professional development and progress in the field. He always paid, gave him a stage, hosted him when he had nowhere else to go and treated him like a brother.

On the other hand, Kenyan rapper Sosuun also expressed grief at the demise of Fred. He said he is at a loss when it comes to Fred. He still secretly hopes that this is not the case and it will never be his brother (Fred).

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Sosuun also said his face was numb and wet with tears that he could not stop. He has a lot of questions for God right now. But ultimately, he has the last word.

According to Sosuun, Fred is ahead of them all. They are behind him. He said he would really miss him. Gosh, he is extremely hurtful to know about his death.

Famous Kenyan comedian Fred Omondi died at a young age, but his exact age is unknown. Kenyans are expressing deep condolences to Fred’s family, apart from celebrities. His death has indeed sent shock waves to the entertainment industry.

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