Canadian actress Nina Dobrev hospitalized after bike accident

Canadian actress Nina Dobrev hospitalized

Canadian actress Nina Dobrev hospitalized after bike accident

Canadian actress for the famous series Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, has been hospitalized after a serious bike accident. She gained popularity in 2009 for her role as Elena Gilbert in the Vampire Diaries. 

The news of the bike accident came to light when Nina posted a sad picture from the emergency room on her Instagram account today. She was wearing a neck and knee brace while Doctors were standing next to her. 

She shared two images to her 26 million Instagram followers. In the first image, she appeared smiling and posing with her motorcycle. However, she was receiving medical treatment in a hospital in her second image.

Actress Nina also captioned how it started vs how it is going. She later updated her Instagram story with a selfie from her hospital bed. 

Nina also wrote in another Instagram story that she is okay, but there will be a long road of recovery ahead. She also shared two emojis of a broken heart and a head-bandaged face.

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Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Shaun White, commented “Just keeping things on brand.” Shaun is also a former Olympic snowboarder. He also wrote that’s my girl. 

Moreover, American actress Julianne Hough also stated she would not make jokes if you were not okay. However, fans of Canadian actress Nina Dobrev forgot that she is hospitalized and started bringing up her previous version of Vampire Diaries. 

One fan commented girl, remember that vampire blood has no effect on you anymore. Another one commented Nina, you are not a vampire; you are human. On the other hand, an Instagram user wrote Nina needs some vampire blood.

Nina Dobrev is a 35-year-old actress. She was in a relationship with Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder from 2010 to 2013. She has been dating Shaun White since 2020.

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