Ayushman Khurana faced backlash for singing Dil Dil Pakistan

Ayushman Khurana faced backlash

Ayushman Khurana faced backlash for singing Dil Dil Pakistan

Bollywood singer Ayushman Khurana has faced backlash for singing the Pakistani patriotic song Dil Dil Pakistan at a concert show in Dubai. The concert video of Ayushman Khurana has gone viral on social media and has faced backlash from netizens, especially Indians.

Pakistani band Vital Signs wrote and released the song “Dil Dil Pakistan” in 1987. It became an instant and lasting hit, which has made it an “unofficial national anthem” for Pakistanis.

So, when Ayushman sang this song on stage during a concert, people from both sides of the border (Pakistan-India) rushed to revive video footage to share their diverse perspectives.

Many Indian netizens have criticized the musician on social media, particularly relating it to his arrival at Ram Mandir’s Inaugural ceremony. They said the singer only attended the Ram Mandir ceremony only four days before for a public stunt.

Meanwhile, other netizens are criticizing the singing ability of Ayushman. The majority of them found singer sang their favorite patriotic song utilizing bad vocals.

One wrote well, to be honest, he sang it so badly that it nearly felt disrespectful to the music. He has transformed the song into rubbish. What an unmelodic version, lol. He is sure even Pakistanis are mourning this helpless Pakistani.

However, Ayushman’s version of Dil Dil Pakistan appears impressive for the Pakistani netizens. One of these fans wrote much respect for Ayushman.

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Another Pakitsni wrote “Dil Dil Pakistan” is so good that even our neighbors sing it with all their hearts. He believes that art and music should stay away from politics and hate.

However, there is more to this controversy than what angry people on social media think. According to Indian media, the viral video hailed from Ayushman’s concert in 2017 in Dubai. This is a longer online video, different from the one that went viral.

In the original video, Ayushman thanked fans in Bengali, Punjabi, and Urdu from different countries. He sang “Dil Dil Pakistan” for Pakistani fans and later the Indian patriotic song “Chak De India” in the same concert.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani singer Ali Zafar also joined the concert. The purpose was to promote cordial relations between India and Pakistan.

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