8th continent may form due to breakage in the African continent

8th continent may form

8th continent may form due to breakage in the African continent

Do you know the 8th continent may form due to breakage in the African continent which formed millions of years ago? Our planet has seven continents for now. It includes Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

However, this cannot remain the same as the 8th continent may form due to the breakage of the African continent. This breakage in the African continent dates back to the 2005 volcanic eruption in Ethiopia.

A massive volcanic eruption on October 16, 2005, created the deepest crack in the ground surface known as the Dabbahu fissure. This fissure is about 35 miles deep from where volcanic activity frequently occurs from the active Dabbahu volcano in the Afar Region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has experienced a sequence of volcanic eruptions that have the potential to change our perception of the world’s continents. The frequent volcanic activity in Ethiopia through volcanic eruptions has been ongoing for years since 2005. These eruptions have occurred in the center of the East African Rift Valley.

Thus, East African Valley is an area well-known for its geological activity. So, there is the possibility that these eruptions are preparing the way for formation of the “eight continent,” a new continent.

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Massive magma eruptions are changing the geography of the African continent. It is forming a new landmass by erupting lava cooling on the surface. The Erte Ale volcano associated with the Dabbahu volcano contributes to regular eruptions making lava lakes. Hence, it is the most significant factor in a new continent’s formation.

Geologists consider if volcanic activity keeps up its current rate with lava and other volcanic elements collected throughout this time. So, it may eventually break from the existing African continent. And form a large enough landmass to be categorized as a separate continent.

However, this hypothetical eight continent would form between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula (located in the Asian continent).

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