Second PIA air hostess went missing from Canada in one week

Second PIA flight attendant went missing

Second PIA air hostess went missing from Canada in one week

Another second air hostess, Jibran Baloch of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) went missing in Canada in one week. Jibran has disappeared from a Toronto destination flight in Canada.

The PIA spokesperson confirmed the disappearance of Jibran Baloch. The spokesperson stated their procedures to stop event series involving flight crew members going missing in Canada proved ineffective.

The PIA authorities were also coordinating with Toronto police to prevent its crew members from disappearance. According to PIA sources, they submitted flight staff passports to officials to avoid missing cases, but it did not provide useful results. They revealed the flight attendant who worked on PK-782 on Feb 29 did not return home.

However, when officials searched the hotel room of Jibran, they found her uniform and a note expressing gratitude to PIA. The note has the message “Thank You, PIA. She has been with the national carrier for 15 years. She was assigned to the Islamabad-Toronto route.”

This disappearing trend has been attributed to Canada’s favorable asylum laws, which provide a process for people seeking refuge after entering the country.

According to a PIA spokesperson, one crew member who went missing during duty years ago has eventually settled in Canada. The escapee is allegedly advising others to consider requesting asylum in Canada.

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Jibran was the second PIA air hostess who went missing in Canada in a week. She was reportedly looking for citizenship in Canada. However, another female air hostess disappeared from a hotel the same week.

This latest incident raises the total number of flight attendants reported missing on Toronto-bound flights to approximately ten over the last two years. Two senior flight attendants, Khalid Mehmood and Feda Hussain fled to Canada after taking PIA flight PK-772 from Islamabad in November 2023.

They failed to return to Pakistan as planned, so the flight returned to Islamabad without them. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) issued new cabin staff directives in 2021 to prevent such incidents. It included the seizure of crew passports upon arrival abroad.

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