PTI Lahore Information Secretary Waqas Amjad reported missing

PTI Lahore Information Secretary Waqas Amjad reported missing

PTI Lahore Information Secretary Waqas Amjad reported missing

The PTI media cell reported that Lahore Information Secretary and social media activist Waqas Amjad went missing with several other social media workers. The alleged disappearance of Waqas Amjad has caused a series of disturbing facts about missing persons linked to the PTI’s social media workers.

This reported missing case of Waqas Amjad is part of a larger crackdown that allegedly targets people associated with PTI’s informational and digital cell. PTI supporters are demanding his release.

There are now five PTI members who have forcibly gone missing, including Waqas. Other abducted persons are Irfan Chaudhary, Azahar Mashwani, Zahoor Mashwani, and Shahzad Gill.

PTI leader Sheik Waqas Akram stated as soon as their party announced a protest, illegal raids and kidnappings against their people begun a day before.

Pakistani Journalist Shakir Awan has also confirmed the enforced disappearance news of Waqas Amjad by the PTI social media team. He described his disappearance as part of a widespread crackdown against PTI’s social media members.

Meanwhile, social media influencer Omar Malik also condemned the enforced disappearance of PTI members. He stated Pakistan is abducting its people. The criminal silence of the judiciary is facilitating them. He could not even mention the names of every abducted person at the hands of the state.

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According to Omar, everyone in Pakistan should protect themselves due to the non-playing role of the judiciary in Pakistan. He also mentioned the names of PTI-affiliated abducted persons, including Shehzad Gill and Irfan Chaudhary.

It is significant to note that PTI Lahore Information Secretary, Waqas Amjad, was reported missing on April 16, 2023. At that time, PTI founder Imran Khan strongly condemned the enforced disappearance of Waqas Amjad. He returned after two days of abduction.

However, Imran Khan is now serving his jail sentence at Adiala Jail in Pakistan for several charges against him. Since his turmoil ouster from office on April 10, 2022, PTI-affiliated people have been facing severe crackdowns, imprisonment, and disappearances.

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