Lightning killed 14 people in Balochistan and Punjab as violent rains hit

Lightning killed 14 people in Balochistan

Lightning killed 14 people in Balochistan and Punjab as violent rains hit

Strong lightning has killed at least 14 people in Punjab and Balochistan as violent rains hit various parts of both provinces. Heavy lightning strikes across Punjab and Balochistan during periods of intense rain.

The meteorology department has predicted more rain for several parts of Pakistan. As westerly waves invaded the region, lightning struck and killed four people in the Surab, Dera Bughti, and Pishin districts of Balochistan.

Two young people named Farid Ahmed and Jabir Ahmed were sitting in a garden in the Tanak section of the Surab district when lightning hit. One of them died instantly while the other sustained injuries. Meanwhile, lightning claimed the lives of two people in the districts of Dera Bughti and Pishin.

Apart from Balochistan, lightning killed 14 people in Punjab areas including a shepherd in Mari Allah. A farmer in Khan Bela and a couple in Basti Khokhran Feroza died. Moreover, two children in Basti Kalwar and one person in Thul Hassan died in Rahim Yar Khan district.

However, one man died in Khairpur Daha and an eight-year-old child in the Chak-113 area of Bahawalpur district. A similar incident in Lodhran resulted in the death of a woman.

Heavy rains, thunderstorms, and dusty winds have impacted nearly the entire Balochistan region and several areas of Punjab. Quetta experienced a lot of rain, which broke the heatwave and made the temperature cold. It has also suspended electricity supply in most parts of Quetta since last afternoon.

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Meanwhile, the government of Balochistan has asked the PDMA and commissioners to stay on high alert amid harsh weather conditions. PDMA refers to Disaster Management Authority.

The spokesperson for the Balochistan government informed the media that they have set up a monitoring cell at PDMA to prevent the inevitable situation. They have also alerted all commissioners and deputy commissioners of the province to remain vigilant in dealing with the crisis.

Pishin has already faced a flood-like situation. Approximately 15 houses have faced destruction due to violent rains.

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