CTD arrested two railway employees over arms smuggling

CTD arrested two railway employees

CTD arrested two railway employees over arms smuggling

The intelligence wing of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials arrested two Pakistan railway employees over arms smuggling in Karachi. CTD held them in custody on suspicion of transporting weapons.

Raja Umar Khatab was in charge of this CTD operation. According to him, they conducted a raid at Cantt Station. They seized a pistol and a submachine gun (SMG) from them during the raid.

He revealed that both suspects smuggled arms into Karachi from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). They had acquired arms from an arms dealer in KP. CTD also informed railway authorities that they arrested its two employees, Gul Islam and Sanaullah.

The arrested suspects are employees of Pakistan Railway

Raja also stated the department stopped an attempt to smuggle weaponry into Karachi in April 2024. They held a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police constable Azharuddin, in their custody during the raid. Following that, they found weapons in the school bag that Azharuddin had been accused of carrying.

According to CTD officials, the terrorists active in Pakistan use smuggled arms to conduct criminal activities. Hence, they are on a mission to arrest potential smugglers to put an end to ongoing terrorism in the country.

CTD arrested last month nine suspected terrorists, including a woman with the banned organization, during an operation across Punjab. They recently conducted 35 intelligence-based operations in multiple districts of the Punjab province and arrested 36 potential suspects.

CTD is conducting widespread operations to arrest suspected terrorists and armed smugglers

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In a separate incident, CTD arrested a terrorist involved in a blast at the Bhulari railway track on March 23, 2023. The arrested terrorist belonged to a banned organization in Pakistan.

However, it did not reveal the terrorist’s identity or his affiliated organization. CTD was conducting extensive raids to look out for absconder terrorists. The officials recovered explosives and hand grenades from the possession of terrorists.

They have also registered a case and opened an investigation against him. They intended to reveal more information with further proceedings of this case.

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