Zamfara Assembly suspended Speaker over security concerns

Zamfara Assembly suspended Speaker

Zamfara Assembly suspended Speaker over security concerns

Zamfara State House of Assembly has suspended Speaker Bilyaminu Ismail Moriki and nominated Bashar Gummi as interim speaker. This came after Nasiru Abdullahi, a member from the Maru Constituency, moved the motion to suspend Speaker Bilyaminu.

The 18 out of 24 members from the Zamfara State Assembly supported this move. During an emergency meeting, 18 of the 24 members decided unanimously to impeach the speaker.

According to these assembly members, the speaker, Bilyaminu Moriki, was suspended owing to security issues affecting the Zamfara State without any action by the House to stop the threat.

The parliamentarians cited the reason for suspending the former speaker failed to handle the security concerns of the state. Hence, it became the main reason for his suspension. They claimed that the House had not taken the necessary steps to tackle the current instability.

Moreover, the members asked the temporarily appointed speaker, Bashar Gummi, to utilize his position to stop banditry. It had nearly destroyed the socioeconomic activity of the state.

One of the members, Shamsudeen Basko, reminded Interim speaker Bashar that the issue of insecurity was one of the crucial issues to be given priority. It resulted in the suspension of the former speaker.

Zamfara Assembly suspended Speaker

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Shamsudeen also stated that he has many issues to discuss, but the main one is insecurity, which has been troubling the people. The bandits slaughter and abduct their citizens every day.

He also questioned members what are they doing in the assembly. They must stand up and do something to defend their people. This is due to armed bandits entering local government headquarters without having state control. He also urged the government to act immediately to protect its citizens.

Bandits have attacked Zamfara State in Nigeria regularly for years. It has even become a global concern. Banditry is a type of organized criminality that uses or threatens violence. Bandits commit crimes such as murder, robbery, and extortion, either individually or in gangs.

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