Sudan paramilitary RSF attacked the last operating civilian hospital

Sudan paramilitary RSF attacked

Sudan paramilitary RSF attacked the last operating civilian hospital

Sudan paramilitary group RSF (Rapid Support Forces) attacked the last operating civilian South Hospital in el-Fasher. Doctors at one of the few remaining major hospitals report that in the besieged Sudanese city of El-Fasher, an RSF attack forced them to close.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a medical charity that provides help to the hospital. MSF described it as the only remaining facility in el-Fasher where injured civilians can receive treatment.

Head of Emergencies at MSF, Michel Lacharite, says opening fire (by RSF) inside a hospital crosses a line. He announced that the responsibility lies with opponent conflicting parties to spare medical facilities. He also called the RSF attack on the hospital “outrageous.”

There have been reports of shell strikes by RSF injuring and killing people at the city’s South Hospital for a few days. Witnesses report that fighters from RSF have now made their way into the complex of a hospital.

According to MSF, there were ten patients and a smaller number of medical staff present at the hospital during its earlier attack on June 8, 2024. RSF approached the hospital and started shooting, robbing it of medications and medical supplies. They also attacked the ambulance and staff.

Maximillien Kowalski is an Interim chief of mission in Sudan for the medical organization. Maximillien told the media that their team was unable to verify if there were any dead or wounded people due to the RSF attack. Moreover, the hospital’s doctors revealed they intended to move the medical center due to security concerns.

According to Maximillien, injured people will be left without a place to stay for at least a week; as MSF is forced to relocate their el-Fasher operations to a nearby shaky Saudi Hospital due to a lack of fuel, electricity, and water supplies.

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Sudan paramilitary RSF attacked South Hospital three times with bullets and shells in just ten days. Despite the RSF attack on June 8, medical staff continued serving medical patients until today’s attack. This recent attack has resulted in a complete shutdown of medical services to injured Sudanese.

This attack comes as a continuous series of ongoing power conflicts between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and RSF. The main conflict outbreak began on April 15, 2023, when RSF entered the main cities of Sudan to gain control.

However, the SAF has been resisting RSF to keep away them from entering Sudanese territories to maintain their power dominance. It has led to a deep humanitarian crisis for Sudanese civilians, with a death toll of 15,500 since 2023.

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