Steve Miles set to become next premier of Queensland

Steve Miles set to become next premier of Queensland

Steve Miles set to become next premier of Queensland

Labor party member Steve Miles is set to become the next premier of Queensland after the resignation of Annastacia Palaszczuk. Steve is currently serving as deputy premier of Queensland.

Steve was able to gain enough support from union members during a late-night arrangement. As well as the vote of key cabinet members to become premier of Queensland.

The Labor Party meeting shall convene on Friday to decide who will be premier, deputy premier, and the rest of the leadership team.

The nomination of Cameron Dick for deputy premier in place of Steve Miles came after Health Minister Shannon Fentiman dropped out of the leadership race. She pulled out her nomination realizing that the votes were not in her favor.

These major leadership changes come only days after Annastacia Palaszczuk announced her resignation from the position after more than eight years. She called it the “honor of her life” to serve the state.

The deputy premier Steve was the first to put his name for the premiership of Queensland up just hours after Annastacia resigned. Besides Steve’s aim to be premier, he wants Cameron Dick as deputy premier in place of him.

According to Steves, Cameron was a strong treasurer who worked hard to ensure the state’s economy was strong. He said they (Steves and Cameron) have known one another for a long time. They have a vision for Queensland in which the government’s role is to build for the future.

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Furthermore, Steves stated that he has no plans to remove Shanon from the health ministry. Afterward, Shanon said that she would continue working tirelessly for the state of Queensland.

Shanon says that it is clear that a majority of parliament members from the Labor Party will endorse Steve Miles as the future leader of the Labor Party and hence the next premier of Queensland.

As a result, she will not be running as a candidate for Labor leadership when the voting meeting will take place on Friday.

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