Attorney General Mark Dreyfus accused of mansplaining

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus accused of mansplaining

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus accused of mansplaining

Australian Attorney General Mark Dreyfus has been accused of mansplaining after blowing up at a female reporter. “Mansplaining” is a derogatory term that refers to a man explaining something to a woman inappropriately.

The accusation of mansplaining comes after the Attorney-General reacted angrily after shouting at a reporter during a press conference.

Deputy Opposition Leader Susan Ley demanded an apology from the Attorney General for shouting at a capable and effective young woman journalist for asking legitimate questions in the Press Gallery. However, Mark refused to apologize.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus accused of mansplaining

Why did Mark Dreyfus shout at reporter Olivia?

Mark Dreyfus was present alongside ministers of the Federal Labor government during a press conference. The media talk was on the government’s proposed preventative detention laws and laws to strip terrorists of their dual Australian citizenship.

Reporter Olivia questioned Minister Clare O’Neil if the government owed an apology to the public affected by the reoffending of three people released from immigration detention.

Minister Clare began to answer Olivia stating that the government had acted by the court’s order because there was a legal requirement to do so. And that if I had the legal authority to detain all of these people, I would do it immediately.

Mark stepped in to admonish Olivia at that moment pointing and raising his voice at her. He said I want to suggest that your question is absurd. You (Olivia) are asking a cabinet minister and three Crown ministers to apologize for respecting Australian law. And obeying the orders of the High Court of Australia.

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Furthermore, Mark said I will not be apologizing for enforcing the law. I will not apologize for pursuing the rule of law nor will I apologize for acting.

The High Court ruled on November 8 in a case of a stateless Rohingya man who had spent time in Australia raping a child. The court ruled that the government could not hold immigrants in indefinite immigration detention if they could not deport them.

So, the Federal government has released at least 150 detained or arrested immigrants from prison after the verdict of the High Court.

In this regard, reporter Olivia asked the minister about the release of these immigrants. Whether the government should apologize to the public. This annoyed the Attorney General who then reacted aggressively.

What are your thoughts? Should the government apologize for detaining the immigrants?

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